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Amp Test Tuesday - Rockford Fosgate Prime 750.1 - RF's "budget" 750 watt Amp

Click here for more Amp Test Tuesday fun! -http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/172503-amp-test-tuesday-pre-guesses-5-winners-rockford-fosgate-prime-7501/ Every time i do this, i try to give away prizes for those who can guess the numbers that the amps put out when we test them. This week, i gave away 5 shirts. Join the forum, meet good people, get in on the contests!

Today's test subject, the Rockford Fosgate Prime 750.1. This is RF's budget series amplifier. There is Prime, Punch and then Power series so this is the more "affordable" of the bunch. I have tested a few "cheap" brands in the past video's that claimed about 10x the power they really made so now i figured i would test the Prime amp, since it is RF's most basic model. Let's see if RF is telling the truth when they say 750 on the box...and i am a customer who doesn't know any better.

the SMD D'Amore Engineering Amp Dyno AD-1 is about to set the standard in car audio for amplifier ratings. Does your 5000 watt amp really do 5000 watts? Whether it is car, pro, or home audio, the AD-1 AKA the Honey Badger, does not care.

Remember, the amp dyno isn't so much about your amplifier not making the power as it is WHY the amp isn't making its power. If your electrical system, or some other link in the chain is not working to its full potential, the amplifier will not either. The dyno shows any small change you make in REAL TIME.

Available @ http://www.wcCarAudio.com

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Ivan Bustamante : Sending a shout out to all the Narangeros out there Santa Ana California SoCal 714
Ivan Bustamante : I have the 500/1 and it’s a lil beast pushes 2 12’s no problem at 2 OHMS
Tony Cervantez : I have one on my 91 foxbody and I hooked up an epicenter to it this shit bumps
Cory Hanning : I've got the same amp, pushing 2 p2d4 12s. Definitely enough power. Stays nice and cool.
Gangsta Hacker3822 : Owned a Car Audio System. Does the Amp have Extensions?
Jay Dee : Impressive for a cheaper amp.....wow
Breezy 1 : Hey i have a 1200 d prime what sub do u recommend?I was going to get the sundown 1500 rms sub do u thinks the amp will push it or isthe sa 750rms is a better option or is dc subs better then sundown
Ahmed Al Azzawi : ⁦♥️⁩
drummerjstone : I want to know how much it is drawing when at rms. So I know if my alternator can handle it. Pioneer's GM d9701 draws around 40 amps when giving 500w rms at 4 ohm.
Paul Mozingo : Always good videos and on site info... Preciate what ya doin... Qwik question.... I gots a prime 1200 runn'n 2 12" p3 in a sealed box in a s.u.v. Alt is 110 amp, and runn'n 4awg pwr and grd. Its loud as hell, but I feel I cud more outta it. Any suggestions??

R2 750

New smart pv
Yusoph Jason Malik : ganda ng box. pwedeng gawing storage box

Rockford Fosgate Prime R2 Amplifiers

Rockford Fosgate's R2 amplifiers are the building blocks for great audio systems, powerful enough to even DRIVE our Punch speakers and subwoofers. They have undergone an amazing upgrade by packing them with the latest features at an incredible value. Best of all, they are designed and engineered here in Tempe, Arizona. Features and specifications for individual models available below:

R2-250X1: Prime 250 Watt Mono Amplifier

R2-500X1: Prime 500 Watt Mono Amplifier

R2-750X1: Prime 750 Watt Mono Amplifier

R2-1200X1: Prime 1200 Watt Mono Amplifier

R2-200X2: Prime 200 Watt 2-Channel Amplifier

R2-300X4: Prime 300 Watt 4-Channel Amplifier

R2-500X4: Prime 500 Watt 4-Channel Amplifier

R2-750X5: Prime 750 Watt 5-Channel Amplifier

#rockfordfosgate #mobileaudio
Jerimiah Jackson : What amp would I use with 2 15" subs at 150-500 RMS, Series 4 ohm, DVC?
rmblwgn : please increase the size of the voicecoils on the punch subs. would like to see 2.5" voice coils on the 10 and 12" rated at 750w.. with your amps getting more powerful we need subs that can handle the juice. I am forced to run an American bass subwoofer with my Rockford punch 1000x1 because your p3 10 cant handle it
Roy Bodin : I'm looking for a amp to power my Kicker Comp RT 12. I've read really good reviews about your amps and I'm considering picking up the R2-500X1. I'm hoping it will be a good combination.
Enrique Del Valle :
hippo potamus : How efficient is the R2-1200X1 as compared to the previous R1200-1D? I noticed that the recommended fuse increased from 150A to 200A. Thanks for your reply.
Sean Gowan : Does it have low level inputs? Which should I use for a 5 channel amp in my head unit without using rcas?
Jaja Nurjalal : Great Quality product for Car Amp. I have one for is the sound quality for R2 is better than the R1 ?
Fermin Hidalgo : When are you guys restocking? I need a R2.750x1! My prime 750.1d just died on me
topnotch956 : Is there a knob available for the R2 500x4? Just bought this amp for two pd24 8inch woofers.
analogaudio rules : I wish your subwoofer amplifiers and multi channel amps had cliplights on the external bass and volume nob.... you should have this on all of your amplifiers. This is an invaluable feature, If not on your lower tier stuff, at least do it for your power series of equipment! A lot of people would appreciate it! Perhaps all of your amps could use this feature! Nice buget amps you got here though!




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