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NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Sticker' MV

NCT 127's 3rd album "Sticker" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:

01 Sticker
02 Lemonade
03 Breakfast
04 같은 시선 (Focus)
05 내일의 나에게 (The Rainy Night)
06 Far
07 Bring The Noize
08 Magic Carpet Ride
09 Road Trip
10 Dreamer
11 다시 만나는 날 (Promise You)

NCT 127 Official

#NCT127 #Sticker #NCT127_Sticker
NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Sticker' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
noeashyl : 이 노래를 위해 모두들 고생하셨습니다..
Blueaeri : Heol, lagu ini tidak biasa dan memiliki warnanya tersendiri
KATHERINE VARGAS : Para que vean que incluso con el sonido de la flauta de fondo, ellos acoplan sus hermosas voces y el resultado es arte. SM tiene los mejores vocales de la industria del kpop.
La lechita de yangyang : NCT 127’s “Sticker” has now become the only K-pop album released in 2021 to spend 13 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200, making it the longest-charting Korean album of the year.
Congratulations NCT!! NCTzens are proud!!
Mack : I think no group could sing this song, well probably a group that has an excellent vocal line just like NCT 127 does.

NCT 127 'Sticker' Lyrics (엔시티 127 Sticker 가사) (Color Coded Lyrics Han/Rom/Eng)

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NCT 127(엔시티 127) - "Sticker" (Color Coded Lyrics)

Artist: NCT 127(엔시티 127)
Song: "Sticker"
Album: '3rd Album [Sticker]'
Release: 2021.09.18

Members: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan
Bias: Yuta

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NCT 127
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스티커 노래방
스티커 뮤비
엔시티 127 Lemonade 가사
엔시티 127 Breakfast 가사
엔시티 127 같은 시선 가사
엔시티 127 내일의 나에게 가사
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엔시티 127 Magic Carpet Ride 가사
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NCT 127 Lemonade Lyrics
NCT 127 Breakfast Lyrics
NCT 127 Focus Lyrics
NCT 127 The Rainy Night Lyrics
NCT 127 Far Lyrics
NCT 127 Bring The Noize Lyrics
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NCT 127 Road Trip Lyrics
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NCT 127 Promise You Lyrics
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엔시티 127 스티커 오디오

#NCT127 #Sticker #NCT127_Sticker
May Lee : 도영 도입부 미쳤다
뉴치케 : 2:04 김도영 대박 ㅠ 근데 이번 곡 ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 어렵긴 하다 무슨 문학 수능으로 나올법하네
잠식되지 않아.. 두세계 융화... 애착심이 솟구치네 ㄴㅇㄱ
✨Multi stan✨ : I thought doyoung was singing but it was taeil they literally have the same voice
정젼 : 엔씨리… 네오함의 정점을 찍다..⭐️
양민경 : 노래좋다 ㅋㅋ

[쇼! 음악중심] 엔시티 127 - 스티커 (NCT 127 - Sticker), MBC 210925 방송

★★★More clips are available★★★


Agatha Crest : Back then haters were saying their songs are noisy but nowadays, other groups are doing that same music style. This time with Sticker, they say it's weird and they don't like it. But Sticker actually shows how incredible their vocal abilities are for only having minimal background music.
As the saying goes- no matter what they do, haters gonna hate.
NCT 127 is versatile and all rounder. Period.

Thanks SM for making NCT music unique & addicting <3
혜린 : 노래 진짜 진짜 어렵다.... 무대를 이렇게 잘하면서 이렇게 잘 부르다니.. 이 사람들 진심 진짜 잘한다 난 엔시티 노래가 너무 좋아...
Chris Kim : The cameraman is whipped for Jungwoo's stage presence. Finally, this is like the first time I have seen a lot of close up for jungwoo. You're doing great job my lovee!!
누군가 : 음악쩡심이라고 중간에 정우 분량 많이 챙겨주는거 뭔가 귀엽다ㅋㅎㅎㅎㅎ붕방강정우 음중 엠씨 화이팅~~~
Aishwarya Nambiar : Taeil Jungwoo ending fairy sticker just cannot get better




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