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목공 페스툴 TS55 플런지쏘 사용방법을 소개해드려요~


공구 읽어주는 남자 공구남자입니다.

페스툴에서 나오는 TS 55를 사용해서 테이블쏘 없이도

가구를 충분히 제작할 수 있어 가성비가 훌륭한 제품입니다.

집진 기능과 타사 제품에 비해 저소음으로 작동하여 매력적인 제품입니다.

한번 살펴보세요~

제품 구매 바로가기: https://vo.la/ufFHW
박영진 : 답글 정말고맙습니다 사이트주소도 고맙습니다
집이부산이라 한번은 매장에가서 도움을 받겠습니다. 그리고 Ts75를 구입하면 집진기하고
뭐가 필요한지 알려주세요
박영진 : 처음으로 인사드립니다
제가 공방을 시작하려고 하는데
공간이 좁아서 테이블쏘나슬라이드쏘를 설치를 못하여 플런치쏘를결정 하려고합니다 제게 어던 모델이맞을까요 가드레일과가방도 구매하고 싶은데 어떻게 구매를 합니까 ?
Charles Kim : 리뷰 잘봤습니다^^ 혹시 55랑 75는 단순 날 직경차이만 있는지 문의드립니다~
그냥 : 2x4, 2x6 같은 목재도 재단가능 한가요, 동영상 들은 얇은 판재 재단만 있어서 다양한 목재를 재단 가능한지 질문합니다
라떼 : 좋으타! 근데 가격이...?
Hansung Kim : 감사합니다~~ 잘보았어요~~
원복남 : 잘보고 배우고 갑니다
좋은제품 알려 주세요
쏘비트[SoBit] : 제품 구매 바로가기: https://vo.la/ufFHW

Festool TS 55 Track Saw Review (Watch Before you Buy!!)

Reviewing and looking at all the features of the TS-55 Track Saw. Track saws are very Handy tools from Framing to woodworking they can do a lot of different tasks. If you work with large slabs a track saw is one of the tools to have!!

Note: On the track Connector I forgot to put the other connector on the bottom which would prevent the track from opening up. I haven't used the track connector in over 10 years, when I did use it I found it to be less accurate then I desired and purchased longer single tracks.
Jan Geert Bruggink : Good review.
HighCurrent11 : Damn thats a nice tool!

....thats what she said...
James Quinless : After watching the breakdown of the festool track saw by AvE I can’t seem to figure out the reason for the price tag.
alex christensen : It is not a 6"5/16 blade, it is a 160mm blade, are there any places you can buy Festool 6" 5/16 blades?
Randy Leifer : Best video ever ?? Not at all, but great job.
I only have a 55" track., plus the clamps and the 55 saw.
I'd like to see a demo to "true-up" a 2" or '4" piece of 3/4" thick hardwood, usually done on a tablesaw or a joiner table. (my wood has one good edge, the other edge is unfinished, aka "rough cut'.)
Let's say... one edge is already "true'.
The large track is too wide for my thin wood piece underneath it. Yes, I could create a second wood piece as a track stabilizer or table, but what a hassle. Is there a better way ?
Nick Woodhams : The loud pop at 1:11 made me jump up and check my security cameras, since my shop is not exactly in the best part of town :)
TheTranq : Good review. Considering the premium price those track connectors should be way better
Powerstroke2004 : Thank you for this video, very helpful, too bad this saw doesn’t cut through 1 1/2 inch board in 45 degree angle , thanks again
Ronaldo Mac : Anybody think the Makita DSP600 is as good as the Festool or is it worth spending the extra to buy the Festool........?
Jack Hes : Mafell is the best ,more grunt than the festool

[유알오 TV] 트랙쏘(TS55, TSC55, TS75) 가이드레일 영점셋팅 방법

Festool 트랙쏘(TS55, TSC55, TS75) 가이드레일 영점셋팅 방법
2015. 11.10 임광수 차장
퍼니처원 : 상판 구멍뽕뽕난건 어떤재질인가요?또 ts55 ts55플러스는 다른모델인가요?




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