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Sound Systems For Beginners. My Favorite MIXER Solution By Scott Grove
You can purchase the 200 plus hours of lessons for only $25. The deal of the century!

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David Slater : Hi Scott, so glad you are back on here again teaching and sharing your vast knowledge with us. I have learned so much from you so a massive thank you for that. Stay fit and healthy my friend, from a guy across the pond
MSH68 : Outstanding guide to live sound mixing here. Thanks Scott for cutting through all the BS and making it easy!
Michael Scriven : I've been using one of those PMX2000's for a very long time indeed. It powers small festival stages, for the most part. We also run one at work, and load up every channel. For mixing "in the trenches" this is a good one. The XENYX 1604 mixer is also a nice tool if you want analog mixing + 16 track recorder all in one. Its only downfall are the cheap faders.
Joe Flores : Thank you, So much for this explanation. I'm a beginner when it comes to this and you really put this in plain English for me.
Wish I would have known this a year ago. Great job, keep up the good work.
Rob Martin : Thank You Scott for coming back to YouTube. Your content is informative and worthwhile. You were missed here by many and I hope you don't have any more problems with the crazies. We - who you have helped so much appreciate your sharing. Mixing units always important even in the digital age.

The Behringer Europower PMP 2000D (Pt.1)

In this video I will be showing you what gear I use when playing live shows and the pros and cons of this mixer amp. If you have any questions, leave a comment or go to and leave me a message there.
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Peavey Speakers:
endall39 : This is most helpful and well done! I set mine up a little differently regarding the EQ's. I run pink noise through the mixer from my phone, and then measure the output (in the venue) with a calibrated mic attached to an ipad. I then I set a pleasant main curve using only cutting frequencies, not boosting. Then I tweak individual channels to suit the voice or instrument. I've had good results and the added equipment cost is negligible. Just my two cents. Cheers!
Damii Damii Show Cantante : Hi!! Thank you so much for the amazing videos! I have the same pmp2000D and it lowers its sound when I sing high, I mean, when the mic input receives a high volume signal. It happens rather I use the Pad button on or off. The music volume lowers a lot, and if i stop singing, it raises again. And does it with different microphones I tried. Do you have any suggestion for resolving this? The Master volume is usually within 3 or 5 and it's a brand new equipment. Thank you so much again!!!
Fulmine : I´ve just bought this mixer it has so much volume almost enought for my performance, i´m using it with a Kemper and a computer to play on backing tracks...bad things are: no splitting channels (left and right) and no more exits except for mains, pro: not heavy, very easy transportability and friendly to use. Finally is only a multichannel amplifier with effects
Sergio Urcadiz : Pudieras poner Sub títulos en español en este video? Compré uno igual y las salidas no funcionaron como yo creía que funcionarian
Howie Svendali : can it do more then one effect at a time per channel???

TUTORIAL COMO utilizar CONSOLA Behringer europower pmp 2000 (funciones).

En este video daremos una vuelta por las funciones de la consoloa Behringer para poder descubrir TODAS LAS FUNCIONES y ai sacarle el Mayor Partido.
Ramon Ulloa : Bien explicado es muy sencillo entender de la forma que explicas una pregunta podría usar un amplificador como ese como powerd de consola no auto aplificada
Made In Perú : Hola bro muy buenos videos, una pregunata cuando dices que de un solo cable salen para dos parlantes podrias explicar un poco mas
Marlon Taxrodriguez : Exelente tu tutorial, muchas gracias por compartirlo
Pablo Barreiro : Hola, buenas tardes, muy buenos los videos, tengo una pmp3000 , necesito usarla solo como consola de efectos, ya mplificar en otro equipo, cualsalida debo usar, puedo dejar sin parlantes las salidas traseras de potencia ? gracias
Aurelio Conco Saavedra : amigo muy buena tu enseñanza por favor te pediría explicar como conectar dos columnas de parlantes de salida principal,gracias.




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