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How to Measure Your Blood Pressure?

Follow the steps to get an accurate reading for further diagnosis and treatment. Monitor your blood pressure with Microlife at https://bit.ly/41VpMJM

0:00 Intro.
0:08 Preparation
0:35 During Measurement
1:24 Get Accurate Readings

How to Put on WatchBP Home Cuff?

Microlife WatcgBP Home screens for Atrial Fibrillation during blood pressure measurements. In accordance with ESH/AHA/BIHS guidelines, patients are able to perform 7-day self-measurements. For more information, please visit https://bit.ly/41VpMJM

0:00 Before Blood Pressure Monitoring
0:27 During Measurement
0:42 Put on The WatchBP Office Cuff

How to Put on WatchBP O3 Cuff?

Microlife WatchBP O3 is a professional 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor with upgradeable functions for Atrial Fibrillation detection and central blood pressure measurement. For more info, please visit https://bit.ly/3kYFS4T

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Put on WatchBP O3 cuff
1:28 Tips for getting accurate results
2:34 Test measurement




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